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    Michaels app :)


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    Michaels app :) Empty Michaels app :)

    Post  hotelman568 on Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:05 pm

    ]color=black]Real Name:Michael DiPaulo

    Age: 15

    Character name: Michael

    Time zone: Eastern time zone

    Approximately how long has it been since you joined the YouthStory community? Since thursday April 26,2012

    What is your MSN or email address in case I need to contact you?: Hotelman568@ yahoo.com im availble 24/7 on email unless in school from 6am to 2pm. Cell: 770-778-6894 text is better

    Why do you feel that you would be the best choice for us? I am Responabilty,mature,honest, and a veary fast learner I love to help and im always on time I try to finsh work ASAP and I use to sell mods on xbox we ran an website that sold Game MODS for 40$ i made about 200$ and I ran the website and sold with an guy I met on xbox so I have alittle experince with responabilty and matureness.I feel I am ready to take on the GM spot

    What qualifications/experience do you feel makes you the best choice for the spot?: I havent had any Experience to be honest but if you hire me as your GM I promise you you wouldnt regret it at all plus if you dont want me being a GM you can always make me resign. But youll never know unless you give me a chance.I mean im not gonna lie and say I have tons but I know how it all works and ive been playing private servers for awhile now sO I get the basics. Also I can get people and I have some great ideas with me.I AM VEARY EASYY to get along with if you havent alrdy noticed. I also am good at makeing movies i like to do it but I dont have that cam thing to see game Sad

    Are you willing to play YouthStory for at least 6 non afk hrs per week? yes at least ,more like 3+ hours a day for sure. yes just not from 6am to 2pm have school.

    Are you willing to do events on a daily and sometimes hourly basis depending on server needs? yes sir. Thats the fun part:)

    Have you read the rules and will you follow the rules at all times?yes sir. Its an honor to be a GM you shouldnt abuse that power.

    Do you agree that you won't give any items/mesos to anyone while you are a GM?:Yes sir. I wouldnt anyway unless they win event

    How would you catch hackers?: I would go into hide then take snapshot of him hacking then post on banned forums and show him. Incase he was like no I didnt do that then we have prove.

    What would you do if there was a fight going on between two Staff members?:I would talk to each one in private then I would try to fix the problem by confronting both of them. Its hard not everyone like eachother some people just get on your nevors.

    How would you handle two players fighting?: I would do the same thing I would pull each one aside and they would explain whats wrong and we would try to fix the problem.

    Additional information about you:
    well I skateboard and I love it also I am conchason and I live in Georgia. I love to help people and also I like haveing fun. I am a 9th grader in highschool and loving it. I currlenty serve my church every sunday by doing stuff for the priest its an big responabilty to me and if I mess up its on me so ive learned alot on that.Thx for reading my APP. Also I am a leader not a follower id rather lead an nation than follow the goverment around.

    Michael Smile

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    Michaels app :) Empty Re: Michaels app :)

    Post  hotelman568 on Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:08 pm

    sorry for ugly coloring on dads laptop

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