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    Rules for Applications Empty Rules for Applications

    Post  killerjason on Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:58 pm

    Follow this format please or we won't consider your application.
    You may add more if you like, be creative. Good Luck !

    Real name:


    Character name:

    Time zone:

    Approximately how long has it been since you joined the YouthStory community?

    What is your MSN or email address in case I need to contact you?:

    Why do you feel that you would be the best choice for us?

    What qualifications/experience do you feel makes you the best choice for the spot?:

    Are you willing to play YouthStory for at least 6 non afk hrs per week?

    Are you willing to do events on a daily and sometimes hourly basis depending on server needs?

    Have you read the rules and will you follow the rules at all times?

    Do you agree that you won't give any items/mesos to anyone while you are a GM?:

    How would you catch hackers?:

    What would you do if there was a fight going on between two Staff members?:

    How would you handle two players fighting?:

    Additional information about you:

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